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The living’s easy in Taranaki and there’s no need to compromise your career, interests or your daily coffee fix.

Living Here

An affordable home, a commute measured in minutes and a legendary lifestyle, Taranaki is the place to be.

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Discover job opportunities currently on offer in Taranaki.

More than a mortgage

Fiona grew up in Waverley, and over the years had introduced Jason to the town’s many charms. While selling their Auckland property and business was a stressful process, as was shifting, the couple chose to start again for the lifestyle benefits.

Fiona has found it easy to fit back into her home town, and Jason is relishing becoming part of the close-knit community. Fiona’s background in hairdressing has her looking to establish a salon locally, while Jason is putting his steel working skills to good use as the couple take over the reins of Fiona’s parents boutique accommodation business.

“It’s such a change from Auckland. We can live on site, don’t have fixed hours, and have absolutely no traffic problems,” Fiona says, noting that she once had a 2-3 hour commute, and the time it took to get to work was a factor in choosing a job.

“Auckland has a bigger network, a wider range of facilities on offer, and from a business perspective it’s easier to source product there, but there’s more than work to consider.” 

“Here we’ve got a larger home on beautiful grounds and a complete lifestyle block. The value for money here is just so much better.”

Rural living does have one drawback - the need to travel to events and activities, but Fiona has found there’s a lot to do in Taranaki, and the quality of events and amenities is of a very high standard.

“We knew the region offered a relaxed, laid back lifestyle, and the better property prices and lack of congestion help the lack of stress,” Fiona says.

“If you want a better lifestyle make the move. It’s not all about working 70 hours a week just to pay off a huge mortgage!”

“We only wish we’d done it sooner!”




Lifestyle Toolkit

The Taranaki Lifestyle Toolkit has been developed by Venture Taranaki Trust, the Regional Development Agency, to help you discover what living and working in Taranaki is like, and what an amazing career and lifestyle you can achieve here. Download a copy, or view online.