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After travelling to New Zealand eight years ago, Control Systems Engineer Ross Benton liked the place so much, he thought he’d come back permanently.

Prior to accepting a position at Ballance four years ago, Ross was situated in Cambridgeshire, one of the flattest parts of the United Kingdom. 

Fast forward four years and
Ross now finds himself surrounded by countryside and mountainous landscapes.

‘In the UK the good jobs just aren’t where you want to live. Here I get the best of both worlds with a fantastic career opportunity and an idyllic lifestyle. I also considered moving to Canada, but NZ seemed like a more interesting country. I’m glad I chose NZ. The emigration process was quick and easy, and also relatively low cost compared to some other countries.

My first house I lived in when I moved here overlooked the ocean, something I never could have achieved back in the UK.

Passionate about mountain biking, white water kayaking, volleyball and hiking, I venture out most weekends to pursue the active life. Having similar outdoor hobbies to the people here has made it easy to make friends and socialise.

I felt more at home here in a month than I did in the whole two years I spent in Cambridgeshire. I connected with the people here.

The move has done my career no harm either, offering a very broad experience at an interesting and dynamic site.

There’s definitely more of a work life balance focus here. We work hard, but we also have time to enjoy everything Taranaki has to offer.

Easy access to Pacific Islands has been another bonus. Last year I took a trip to Samoa with Habitat Humanity to help rebuild homes after the island experienced a tsunami.

Don’t expect it to be like the UK. Embrace the differences and make the most of opportunities to integrate into Kiwi culture and your local community. NZ is treating me pretty well.’

  A great work-life balance - Ross Benton  
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