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Swapping sides from Auckland to Taranaki enabled Scott Walls to get the best of everything – a great promotion, and an even better lifestyle.
“New Plymouth is the perfect location,” Scott says.

“The job with Fonterra was a great step up from my former role as a Manufacturing Manager in Auckland,” Scott says of his new role as Regional Operations Manager, Lower North Island for New Zealand’s world-class dairy giant Fonterra, to which he adds a wealth of international management experience.

“The region’s lifestyle is great,” Scott says, “the size of New Plymouth and people’s attitudes in Taranaki are really good. It’s great to be out of Auckland’s rat race and closer to our children’s grandparents.”

“It’s just less busy here, there’s much less traffic and we have more time to enjoy with family. The move has definitely changed our lives for the better.”

“The facilities seem better here too. Our kids’ sports facilities, kayaking and jet skiing are all really close and easy to access, as are the Coastal Walkway, Pukekura Park, lakes, harbour, and the beaches. Everything you could want, really. New Plymouth is the perfect location,” Scott says.

The nightlife is really good, food and restaurants have everything we are looking for at good prices, though I have to concede there’s a bit more wind here than what we were used to”.

The family has settled on a lifestyle block in the leafy Frankleigh Park suburb of New Plymouth, which cost them about the price of a two-bedroom apartment in Auckland.

“It is just what we were looking for, and the people are awesome - we have great neighbours and it’s been very easy to fit into the community, people are really friendly and easy to get on with.”

“We’re really happy here.”

  Really happy in Taranaki - the Walls family  
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