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When Dawn and Lawrie Maddox got back to the UK after a month touring around New Zealand, it wasn’t long before they decided to move back to the antipodes permanently.
“We had been attracted to New Zealand for more than 20 years, and that trip refuelled our attraction. Getting home and getting snowed in made us realize that the lifestyle on offer in New Zealand was what we were looking for,” Dawn says. 
Lawrie sent his CV by email to a Taranaki company, asking advice and if they had any positions available. Within a couple of hours he had a job in New Zealand.
“I sent out just one email to find out what the work situation was, grabbed the offer, and haven’t looked back!” The couple arrived in New Zealand in August 2011.
“We completed all of the documents for the move ourselves, following guidelines to the letter.”
“It was a stressful process, with lots of paperwork, medicals, shifting house and getting rid of all your unwanted stuff. All up it took nearly 8 months. I was a bit concerned about the job offer, but kept my employer informed throughout the process, and they understood that the emigration process can take time.”
Lawrie is employed as an electrician with New Plymouth-based NPE-Tech, a role he describes as offering new challenges and better working conditions than the UK. 
“I find here you are really appreciated for what you achieve.”
Finding a place to live was easy, with the couple purchasing a rural lifestyle property near the scenic coastal village of Oakura just a few months after arriving in the region.
“We bought a nearly new home and the running costs are less than our previous house. In fact most of our living costs are cheaper than they were in the UK.”
“There’s more sunshine, fewer people and much less traffic. Taranaki offers everything you could possibly want day-to-day, and more. The mountain has an amazing ability to play hide and seek, and so many of the attractions are free – parks, gardens, and entertainment - even parking for the most part.”
“We believe that you get out of life what you put in, and have really made the effort to embrace our new way of life. When you first arrive it’s like you’ve landed on another planet, but before long we found the natives are friendly, and have a fantastic pride in their region, and a great sense of humour!”
“Right from our first day in New Zealand, we have been looking for the catch, but so far neither of us has found one.”
 “We love it here.”

  Everything you could want and more - the Maddoxes  

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