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Wayne McDonald arrived in New Zealand in August 2012, attracted to the country’s stability, safety and environment, and chose to settle in the North Island city of New Plymouth, where his fiancée grew up, for the family ties, natural beauty and outdoors lifestyle.
A couple of days after arriving, Wayne began the hunt for a new job, and using a range of online resources including the Venture Taranaki jobs website www.taranaki.info/liveandwork and knocking on a few doors he quickly had interviews at a high street bank and a leading recruitment firm.
“After reading about a position on Venture Taranaki’s job site I contacted Amy at Inspirec and had an interview the next day,” says Wayne.
“The interview was really positive and I was welcomed back for a second interview two days later. An offer was made and I jumped at the opportunity and to join an extremely ambitious and fun team with a really exciting working environment.”
“It took me a week and a half to find a fantastic job.”
While Wayne’s experience in finding a dream job might sound almost too easy, a recent survey of 1,000 Taranaki businesses found that the majority are expecting strong growth in 2013 and a third of businesses are looking to hire additional staff in the next year, on the back of a strong oil and gas outlook.
“The future looks really exciting in New Plymouth. The outdoors are just so easily accessible, and we’ve got friends and family coming out in February for our wedding. I really look forward of taking advantage of the fantastic golf courses around the city and I’m even planning on learning how to surf,” Wayne says.

Inspirec Director Amy Richardson is equally as enthused, “Being a specialist recruiter, we know first-hand how difficult it can be to find great people for the team. Venture’s job board is an excellent way to attract great people based in Taranaki or those who have moved to the region and are looking for an opportunity. I would recommend that anyone who is looking to grow their team utilises this site, as it’s certainly had very positive results for us!”

  Inspired by the legendary landscape - Wayne McDonald  
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