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Pallak Manan Singh didn’t even know Taranaki existed before finding a job there in 2010 but after just a few seconds on Google she had seen enough to convince her and her family that it was a smart move.

“The view of the mountain and sea together was appealing, and we’ve since discovered that it’s a quiet community where people get to know each other,” says Pallak.

The fundraising and events coordinator for the Cancer Society’s Taranaki centre, Pallak finds her job rewarding and something that she really wants to do. 

“I’ve since found that there aren’t as many work opportunities here as some of the bigger cities, but that’s the trade off for such a great place to live,” Pallak says.

Pallak and her family are renting a house in the New Plymouth suburb of Frankleigh Park, which she describes as private, quiet and cozy. She is relishing the 5-minute commute to work. 

“I do miss the number of shops in Hamilton, but I like that the city here isn’t so student focused. Everyone here is very nice and welcoming, has been really helpful and I’ve never been made to feel foreign.”

At weekends Pallak goes exploring, heading out to enjoy the region’s many walkways. 

“The weather here is best described as confusing,” she says, “and the region has shown us there is much more than farming and cow poo here.”

“After two years we are still here and still enjoying it!”

  Enjoying Taranaki - Pallak Singh  
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