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Review of NZ Immigration Essential Skills in Demand Lists Back to News
27th June 2013 07:11am

These lists help to ensure that New Zealand’s skills needs are met by facilitating the entry of appropriately skilled migrants to fill shortages. However, this objective must be balanced by the need to ensure that there are no suitably qualified New Zealand citizens or resident workers available to undertake the work.

The occupations to be reviewed this year have been finalised and are listed below. This is the second stage of the Review and provides an opportunity for organisations to make submissions on the occupations to be reviewed.

Occupations to be reviewed:

Ø Aeroplane Pilot

Ø Audiologist

Ø Baker (Baker Manager/Bakery Department Manager)

Ø Chef

Ø Dietitian

Ø Dispensing Optician

Ø Fitter and Turner

Ø Hospital Pharmacist

Ø Industrial Pharmacist

Ø Retail Pharmacist

Ø Internal Auditor

Ø Medical Diagnostic Radiographer (including Medical Resonance Imaging Technologist)

Ø Metal Fabricator

Ø Midwife

Ø Occupational Therapist

Ø Osteopath

Ø Physiotherapist

Ø Registered Nurse (Mental Health)

Ø Special Education Teachers nec (Conductor (Conductive Education Practitioner))

Ø Specialist Managers nec (Management and Project Management staff)

Ø Speech Language Therapist

Ø Urban and Regional Planner

The key dates for this stage of the Review are:

28 June 2013 Submissions invited

26 July 2013 Submissions close at 5pm

If your organisation wishes to make a submission on any of the occupations that have been selected for review, please complete the Submission Form. Information on the process for the 2013 Review, the Submission Form, and an example of a completed Submission Form are at - http://www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/general/generalinformation/review.htm  .

The Ministry has prepared a Preliminary Indicator Evidence Report (PIER) for each occupation that has been selected for review. The PIER collates relevant statistical data about the occupation and provides a preliminary view on the status of the occupation. The PIER reports will be on the Immigration New Zealand website on Monday afternoon at http://www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/general/generalinformation/review.htm

If you believe that any of the above occupations should remain on either of the Shortage lists we strongly suggest you make a submission.

  Review of NZ Immigration Essential Skills in Demand Lists  

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