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New Plymouth migration company seeks out the UK Back to News
7th May 2014 03:30am
If you have any vacancies then you may wish to get in touch with the BritsNZ team so that they can source people for you whilst in the UK.  They will assess potential candidates so that by the time you see a CV/covering letter you and the migrant will know the situation with regard to visas, have a clear idea of timelines for making the move and the migrant will be supported both whilst in the UK and once here in Taranaki allowing you to concentrate on bringing the new employee up to speed as swiftly as you wish.
This is currently being offered as a FREE service to you.
For more details or to get in touch with the team at BritsNZ Ltd, email immigration@britsnz.co.nz

  New Plymouth migration company seeks out the UK  

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