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9th December 2009 01:42am

Like many recent arrivals, there was a family connection with the region – his wife Shelley grew up here, and they had made regular trips back, including one extended stay with daughter Ella and son Charlie, both pre-schoolers.

“In 2008, we were able to spend seven months in Taranaki on holiday. We had inadvertently created a high pressure lifestyle for ourselves in Melbourne, so Taranaki was a fantastic opportunity, and beautiful place, to spend some extended time with my family,” says Dennis. 
Returning to his high level corporate role with a leading telecommunications company in Melbourne meant more time away from his young family, and his stay in Taranaki had given Dennis an insight into the easy and family-friendly lifestyle that it’s easy to take for granted here.

“We realized we wanted to live the Taranaki lifestyle permanently,” says Dennis.

“I wanted to be part of a real community where my children can enjoy the simple things that kids should do when they are growing up, like running around in bare-feet, riding their bike to school or even having a pony.

“So we sold our house and I resigned from my job. Seven months later we arrived at NP airport, with screaming kids, no job and nowhere permanent to live!

“That move was a huge risk and a massive jump outside my comfort zone,” he says.

But fortunately help was at hand.

“I set about finding information which would help us settle in. I found excellent support through various agencies, particularly Venture Taranaki.”

The family is now happily ensconced on a 5 ½ acre lifestyle block, much to the delight of 4 year old Ella, who wants a puppy, a pony and a unicorn. The family enjoys spending time outdoors together in Taranaki’s natural environment. 

They are looking forward to the Festival of Lights and WOMAD and exploring more of Egmont National Park, and Dennis is keen to get back into surfing at the breaks around Taranaki’s Surf Highway 45.

Dennis has taken on a Regional North Island Corporate Leadership role with Australasian IT and telecommunications experts Gen-I, who have recognised his lifestyle choice, basing the position in New Plymouth rather than Auckland and Wellington.

“Our move to Taranaki has been a success and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a magical place and a lifestyle which is easy, relaxed and friendly,” Dennis says. 

“My family has a fantastic work/life balance and we are all very happy to be living in Taranaki. We can watch the sunset behind the mountain from our lounge.”


  Dennis Wade, come on down  
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