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23rd October 2012 01:13am
Venture Taranaki’s latest Taranaki Trends publication shows that the Taranaki region continues to perform strongly against the national average over the medium term, but there is no room for complacency if we want that growth to continue.
The document is produced twice a year and pulls together recent statistical data from a wide range of sources. It measures the region’s performance on a number of standard indicators as well as topical issues every edition.
“Overall the signs are positive for the Taranaki economy,” says Venture Taranaki chief executive Stuart Trundle.
“Our standard indicators have generally shown movement in the right direction. Economic growth is up on both a quarterly and annual basis, even leading the country over the short term.
“Unemployment is down, also leading the nation, and GDP, retail trade, and home affordability all improved over the recent period.”
The news is not all positive for the region’s businesses though, with a decline in consumer and employment confidence (measured by Statistics NZ across the combined Taranaki, Wanganui and Manawatu regions) and a low number of building consents issued.
“In all the region has weathered winter well. There is a ‘but’ though, and it’s quite a big but.”
“Taranaki is not retaining and attracting the skilled people that it and its businesses need to continue this growth over the long term. The special focus of this edition of Taranaki Trends looks closely at Australia’s impact on population retention and attraction,” Stuart says.
“It finds that the while the number of long-term arrivals from Australia has been relatively stable over the last decade, the number of long-term departures has risen steadily over the last two years, likely on the back of the strong resources industry in Australia and well-regarded skillset of the Taranaki workforce.”
Those departing long-term for Australia are predominantly aged in their 20s and this has contributed to an overall net population deficit through international migration of 555 people.
If migration to and from Australia is taken out of the mix, however, the region would have gained 330 long-term residents over the year to June 2012.
“The data indicated that the long-term departures could be easing,” Stuart says.
“As the region’s development agency we’re stepping up our activities to attract more people to and back to Taranaki. The Swap Sides video featuring Ben Hurley launched this month is part of a wider campaign to help combat the impacts of external migration, particularly to Australia.”

  Latest Taranaki Trends released  

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