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Money talks, but work-life balance is where it’s at! Back to News
17th December 2012 03:00am

A series of recent online polls on SEEK have revealed Kiwis consider work-life balance the top priority when selecting a company to work for. Of those surveyed (43%) said work-life balance would be a deal breaker in choosing a new role, with salary coming in a distant second (29%).

“During the economic downturn, employers had to use non-monetary benefits in place of higher pay packets to entice potential employees. Now, it appears these benefits have become the expectation of Kiwi jobseekers. Putting in place benefits that support a positive balance can help companies attract the right candidates, increase retention rates, and cultivate a culture that people want to be a part of,” says General Manager Ms Faulding.

Further demonstrating that money isn’t everything, 40% of those surveyed said they have previously taken a pay cut in order to improve their work-life balance and would be willing to do it again. A further 17% said that, while they haven’t done so in the past, they are considering doing it to achieve a better balance.

“Our polls indicate that a ‘one size fits all’ working scenario does not necessarily appeal to Kiwi jobseekers. Being able to combine a satisfying career with other aspects of life, be it family, sports, or hobbies, has become far more important to Kiwi jobseekers who are now willing to sacrifice some money for better balance,” says Ms Faulding.

“Traditionally the job market does tend to slow down at this time of year, but as jobseekers continue to adopt mobile devices for their job search activity, it will be interesting to see if this dip becomes a thing of the past. Last year, we saw plenty of jobseeker activity throughout the holidays, with close to 50,000 visits a day to seek.co.nz, recorded in December 2011.”

“The way in which we look for jobs is evolving – at SEEK, we are seeing more and more Kiwis look for, and apply for, jobs from mobile devices, showing that a holiday from work doesn’t always mean a holiday from the job-hunt,” says Ms Faulding. 

Venture Taranaki’s recent Business Survey Results show that 30% of employers who responded anticipate an increase in staffing requirements in the next 6 months, the highest level since 1999. Skill shortages have continued to increase, from 23% to 27% experiencing skill shortages. Labour availability was the 3rd highest concern for businesses, after the price of fuel and electricity.

The most utilised flexible workplace practises include, taking time out from work day for education/training; Flexibility with work breaks; Time off during the work day for important personal needs; Flexibility with work start and finish times. All businesses offered some sort of business flexibility, and the benefits of workplace flexibility are acknowledged but the extent of flexibility and choice available were often dependent on factors such as type of business, employee size, nature of tasks, team workflow requirements, seasonality/demand patterns, customer expectations.

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  Money talks, but work-life balance is where it’s at!  
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