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16th December 2012 09:36pm

To encourage more people to Swap Sides to Taranaki's legendary lifestyle and cool career opportunities, we've put together the following email footers.
To help spread the word, add them to the bottom of your email template (see below for detailed instructions), along with this URL: http://swapsides.taranaki.info

Here's how to add these to your email signatures:
1.     Right click on the banner you want and save to your desktop
2.     Open a new email message
3.     Go to Insert
4.     Go to Signatures
5.     Edit and Insert a Picture from your desktop
6.     Click on the image and cut and paste either hyperlink
http://swapsides.taranaki.info , or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilGh2kf43j8
at the bottom of the box 7.     Click ok
8.     Email everyone you know to showcase Taranaki's legendary lifestyle!

  Swap Sides - Downloadable email footers  

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