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27th July 2010 02:49am
Taranaki Lifestyle Toolkit

Venture Taranaki has put together a toolkit for those considering a move to the region, both from within New Zealand and those form overseas. This 5 part toolkit provides an overview of the region, moving here, living here, working here and the key industry sectors.

Venture Taranaki is charged with attracting skilled people to the region and this lifestyle toolkit will show people more about what a great and balanced lifestyle they can easily achieve here. 

Taranaki is a vibrant, family friendly, easy going place that provides job and career opportunities across all industries and levels. To view or donwload the 22 page toolkit, click on the item below.

If you would like more information on how to get here, what life is like and how to get a job here, please contact Carrie on +64 6759 5158 or carrie@venture.org.nz

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