Looking to get on the property ladder was the catalyst for Anneka Weterman trading her life in Auckland for a lifestyle in Taranaki.

Before the shift, Anneka had visited the region a couple of times, but this was enough for her to fall in love with it.
“After my first visit to Taranaki I told a friend that if I ever couldn’t afford to live in Auckland I was moving here. A few years later and here I am!” Anneka says.

Anneka has bought a home in the New Plymouth suburb of Bell Block that is close to both the beach and the coastal walkway that leads straight into the centre of the city. A decent sized section means there’s plenty of space for her pet dogs Peppa and Peanut, while it’s also handy to New Plymouth airport for travel.

“It’s much the same as the home I had in Auckland, but the accessibility to town is a lot better, and it’s just so much more affordable.”

“Being able to buy a home, plus the fact there’s less traffic – my commute has dropped from up to an hour and a half to around 15 minutes. There’s just a more laid back pace here.”

Anneka found a job as the brand manager for Aspire2 Group, a collection of private tertiary education providers.
“I really enjoy my job in Taranaki. I’m learning heaps and have a really good team to work with, plus travel back to Auckland regularly,” Anneka says.

“I used to spend so much time on the road just getting to work, but now it’s a short drive to the office and I’ve got much more stability with set hours. Everything is close by and there’s a lot of groups and facilities that’s it’s not hard to find things to fill all my new free time.”

Anneka has found it easy to fit in to her new home, finding that people have been really welcoming and friendly. Leaving friends and the life that she was used to in Auckland was the hardest part of the move, but Anneka urges anyone else thinking about it to take the leap.

“It can be scary to pick up and move somewhere new, but if you have the right attitude it can be the best thing you do. Everything about my move - good and bad – has been a learning experience that has helped me with getting where I am now,” Anneka says.

“I wouldn’t do anything differently!”