Looking for a role in the design world that wasn’t just chasing a mouse across a desk, Glenn Catchpole found himself in the Taranaki community of Inglewood, working for an innovative “ideas factory.”

Originally from Hamilton, Glenn moved to Wellington to study Design at Massey University's College of Creative Arts. Six years, a Masters of Design degree, and some time at Stanford University later, and Glenn was looking for a role in the industry that was a little out of the ordinary.
“I didn't just want any old design job where I'd be sitting behind a computer and fuelling someone else's dreams passions and desires,” Glenn says. “I wanted to become someone in the design world who others recognise.”
Through his industry networks Glenn discovered a role that fitted the ‘little out of the ordinary’ brief with Inglewood-based product development and innovation consultancy Indemic.
“There are plenty of design consultancies around New Zealand, but when I visited Inglewood and met Nick and the team, I realised this position was like no other,” says Glenn.
“Instead of just doing the 9 - 5, clocking in and out while working on other people’s projects, Indemic operates more like an ideas factory. Inventions are being developed in-house and put into the market, and while we’re a relatively small team of just three, we’ve got big dreams and the drive to achieve them.”
“For me, it was the people and the opportunities through the job that drove me to Taranaki, but having lived here for a few months now, I have begun to really love the area. Everything is tight knit and much cheaper living compared to Wellington.”
“It’s been great being in Taranaki and discovering everything that’s happening here. There’s a lot!”